Paleofire papers just published

Post here new references just published and of interest for paleofire researches and/ or applications

Sumava National Park - Czech Republic
Integration of dendrochronological and palaeoecological disturbance reconstructions in temperate mountain forests
Kuosmanen et al 2020:

Tatra mountains - Slovakia
The role of climate-fuel feedbacks on Holocene biomass burning in upper-montane Carpathian forests
Carter et al 2020:

Fire-vegetation interactions during the last 11,000 years in boreal and cold temperate forests of Fennoscandia
Molinari et al 2020:

Moossee - Switzerland
Climate impacts on vegetation and fire dynamics since the last deglaciation at Moossee (Switzerland)
Rey et al 2020:

Lake Khamra - Russia
Reconstruction of central Siberian fire history using lake sediments A unique charcoal record spanning the last 2000 years
Gutenberg 2020:

Experimental (and fossil samples from Sluggan Bog, Northern Ireland)
Toward a standardized procedure for charcoal analysis
Tsakiridou et al. 2020:

Methods (case study samples from Shovel Down, England)
Volumetric measurement of fossil charcoal: Principles, applications and potential
Crawford & Belcher 2020: