Paleofire papers just published

Post here new references just published and of interest for paleofire researches and/ or applications

Sumava National Park - Czech Republic
Integration of dendrochronological and palaeoecological disturbance reconstructions in temperate mountain forests
Kuosmanen et al 2020:

Tatra mountains - Slovakia
The role of climate-fuel feedbacks on Holocene biomass burning in upper-montane Carpathian forests
Carter et al 2020:

Fire-vegetation interactions during the last 11,000 years in boreal and cold temperate forests of Fennoscandia
Molinari et al 2020:

Moossee - Switzerland
Climate impacts on vegetation and fire dynamics since the last deglaciation at Moossee (Switzerland)
Rey et al 2020:

Lake Khamra - Russia
Reconstruction of central Siberian fire history using lake sediments A unique charcoal record spanning the last 2000 years
Gutenberg 2020:

Experimental (and fossil samples from Sluggan Bog, Northern Ireland)
Toward a standardized procedure for charcoal analysis
Tsakiridou et al. 2020:

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Methods (case study samples from Shovel Down, England)
Volumetric measurement of fossil charcoal: Principles, applications and potential
Crawford & Belcher 2020:

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Northern Territory, Australia
A late-Holocene multiproxy fire record from a tropical savanna, eastern Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia
Rehn et al. 2021:

Methods (case study samples from New South Wales, Australia)
Using charcoal, ATR FTIR and chemometrics to model the intensity of pyrolysis: exploratory steps towards characterising fire events
Constantine et al. 2021:

Kelly et al., 2021, Delivery of metals and dissolved black carbon to the southern California coastal ocean via aerosols and floodwaters following the 2017 Thomas Fire, JGR Biogeosciences,

Feakins et al., 2020, Miocene C4 grassland expansion as revealed by the Indus Fan, Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, - includes charcoal shape data by Yunfa Miao for grass fire

Case study in eastern Siberia:
Wildfire history of the boreal forest of south-western Yakutia (Siberia) over the last two millennia documented by a lake-sediment charcoal record,
Charcoal data is available on PANGAEA and will be uploaded to GPD